Silver Lake Folk

During E.E. Cummings’ lifetime, as now, Silver Lake was home to Wards, Lymans, Shackfords and Frosts. Members of these families worked for and with the Cummings family at Joy Farm, many became friends and correspondents of E.E. Cummings and some appear in his poetry and prose.

rain or hail is Cummings ode to Same Ward.  old mr ly recounts Frank Lyman returning from a funeral. now comes the good rain is another poem about Frank’s farm.

At the time of his death, Estlin and Marion Morehouse were collaborating on a book of Marion’s photographs titled Adventures in Value. Cummings wrote the text for the book which was published after his death. Photos of Jess Shackford, Frank Lyman, and Minnie Frost are included.

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