Cummings at Silver Lake Weekend July 2015

Silver Lake, summer home of the poet and artist E.E. Cummings, is a division of the Town of Madison. Located in the beautiful Mount Washington Valley of New Hampshire and incorporated in 1852, Madison has a long and interesting history as a farming and tourist community. Town tax records reveal that there are approximately 50 barns in Madison which are over 100 years old, including Cummings’ Joy Farm. Friends of Madison Library held a wonderfully successful fund raising Barn Tour in July 2014.

This year our E.E. Cummings at Silver Lake weekend will be a celebration of the long connection and relationship between Cummings and the people and places around Silver Lake.  Be sure to join us for this fun, entertaining and informative festival.

Friday night from 7pm -8:30 at the Madison Elementary School you will enjoy a “nonlecture” of art, music, readings, poetry and discussion. Find out how important those summers spent in Silver Lake were to Cummings as a person, a painter and a poet.  This event is not to be missed.

Saturday July 11, 2015, take the self guided tour of 8 locations related to E.E. Cummings, including Joy Farm.  Tickets for the “nonlecture” and the Saturday tour are $20 per person on the weekend, $15 if reserved and purchased in advance.

Friends of Madison Library is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to encourage and support the resources and services of the Madison Library, to co-operate with the Library in developing services and facilities for the community, and to receive and encourage gifts, endowments and bequests to the library.

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3 thoughts on “Cummings at Silver Lake Weekend July 2015”

  1. Ann McGarity said:

    So glad that Cummings’ is being honored on this website, and I am looking forward to seeing it evolve. When we lived at and ran the store at the head of the lake. I often heard about “Estlin” from various customers who had known him . Professor Fred Werner often spoke about him, and so did Henry Forrest. and Ruth Shackford..

    Ann McGarity


  2. Thanks, Ann. Glad you like the new site. We look forward to hearing more comments about, and from, people who remember Estlin.


  3. David G. Wilkins said:

    The weekend will give viewers a chance to see several of the poet’s paintings, including examples representing Silver Lake, Mount Chocorua, and Joy Farm. It’s exciting to know that Cummings’ art is also receiving renewed attention in New York City. His painting entitled “Noise Number 13” from 1925 is currently being shown at the Whitney Museum of American Art in the exhibition entitled “America is Hard to See.”
    David Wilkins

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